Job Responsibilities

  • Part of the Management team that maintains ship’s maintenance, crew discipline and welfare.
  • Responsible to the Master and coordinates with the Chief Engineer to ensure safe and efficient loading and discharging of cargoes.
  • Officer directly in-charge of deck ratings and deck cadets.
  • In charge of ship’s security.

Job Requirements


Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation or Associate in Marine Transportation


Minimum of two (2) contracts as Chief Officer in ocean-going vessels.


Strong strategic leadership skills; excellent oral and written communication skills; management level skills; basic computer knowledge.


Holder of valid National Endorsement and Certificate as Chief Officer or Master Mariner, National Passport and Seafarers Identification and Record Book (SIRB), NBI clearance; training certificates in compliance with the STCW 78 Convention, as amended 1995 (e.g. Basic Training, Consolidated Marpol, PSCRB, PRFRB, ATFF, MEFA, MECA, GOC, GMDSS, ROP/ ARPA, ECDIS, SSO, SDSD etc).


Must pass Pre-employment Medical Examination as per vessel’s P&I Club, including Ishihara eyesight test.